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Hefei Airwren Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. was recognized by the municipal industrial design center.
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Airwren Haiwn Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. wasrecognized by the municipal industrial design center.

Industrial design is an important engine forindustrial transformation and upgrading and upgrading the value chain.

On November 28, 2018, after a rigorous review bythe expert group of the Hefei Economic and Information Technology Commission,Hefei Airwren Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. was unanimously recognized as th“Hefei Industrial Design Center”.

After obtaining the work ofthe Municipal Engineering Technology Center, Hefei Airwren Automatic EquipmentCo., Ltd. was once again recognized as a municipal industrial design center,fulldemonstrating Airwren's independent research anddevelopment capabilities and brand strength. It will further promote Airwren'sproduct design and development capabilities in the field of industrial digitalprinters. In order to further expand the digital industrial printing market ,provide more powerful producsupport and technical support, Airwren willcontinue to be market-oriented, continuously improve the level of industrialdesign, and provide high-quality services for more users.

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